about us "Mathias is passion and tradition in olive oil since 1923"
Foundation of Mathias & C.ª, Lda, based at Paranhos da Beira, operating as a food warehouse and olive oil trade.
In order to take advantage of the railway, Mathias & C.ª, Lda moved its headquarters to Nelas, and soon entered in the roasting coffee, barley and peanuts business.

At this time, Mathias & C.ª, Lda, was present from the center to coast of Portugal, and also to the border with Spain.
Sra. Viso was registered in 1948, and since then Mathias began to position itself in the market as a producer of superior quality olive oil.

From this moment and on, Mathias started to export his products to some Portuguese colonies.
Registration of Viriato and Mondegão as a brand.

Beginning of the exports to Brazil, where all the olive oil was pre-packed.
From 1973, Mathias strengthened its internationalization, focusing on markets with high Portuguese emigration, as Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Canada and Angola.
Registration of a new brand named Tamegão.

This brand is exclusively commercialized in Brazil.
Change of the type of society to Mathias, SA.
Left its food warehouse activity and started to dedicate to retail sale in supermarkets, but never stopped the olive oil trade particularly focused on the external market.
Mathias separates its different activities, creating for this purpose the firm Mathias II - Export. Pvt. Ltd, which went on to devote himself exclusively to olive oil trade with a particular focus on the foreign market.